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The GAIN Story: Figures, Data, Facts

The cornerstones of our success.
Or: How a pioneering PDM solution was developed from simple approaches in 30 years.


  • The development of a hybrid PDM system as a web and desktop application is underway.


  • GAIN Software becomes development partner of SIEMENS – SolidEdge
  • GAIN Collaboration generates an electromechanical parts list from Autodesk Inventor and EPLAN electric Platform 2023.


  • GAIN Software is distributor for ZWSOFT products in the Netherlands.
  • Computes Group srl becomes PDM partner in Italy.


  • Start of development of the GAIN Collaboration WEB-View Client.
  • Switzerland becomes one of the strongest sales markets for GAIN Collaboration.

Authorized ZWSOFT Reseller

GAIN Collaboration combined with products from ZWSOFT. A smart alternative with plenty of productivity on board. Now vividly presented via CADCAMPDM.

international business relations

GAIN Software at ZWSOFT Conference
The new partnership with ZWSOFT paves the way to new customers worldwide. Because GAIN Collaboration is open for all languages.

New branch office in Berlin

Against the background of an increased demand and for more customer proximity in the new federal states, GAIN Software opens a new office in Berlin.

For user orientation and investment security

GAIN Collaboration is easy to adapt and use. With a new chassis based on the .NET Framework, the C-Sharp programming language and the Microsoft SQL database, GAIN Software paves the way to even more investment security.

GAIN is now called GAIN Collaboration

The name “GAIN Collaboration” is now official. The response from customers and partners has been extremely positive.

New branch in Bamberg

GAIN Collaboration is growing. The new branch in Bamberg stands for faster accessibility and more proximity to customers and partners.

GAIN gets to the bottom of the surface

With the integration of the graphic framework WPF/WCF GAIN separates the screen design from the business logic and thus optimizes its software architecture again. The way to web and mobile applications (apps) is paved.
2011 – 2012

Faster. Safer. More eloquent.

With multithreading technology, the new GAIN Collaboration distributes desired processes across multiple processor cores.

GAIN Collaboration implements SSL encryption for the transmission of data via stored certificates.

GAIN Collaboration is now open for international collaboration: the new multi-site replication capability also integrates a PDM interpreter. With Unicode standard and an open dictionary function that extends to the labeling of buttons.

2008 – 2009

Development of GAIN Collaboration
under new management

In the middle of 2008 Peter Schmitt takes over the management of GAIN Software GmbH. Driven by the vision “Simple – Flexible – Faster” the development of the new GAIN Collaboration PDM System starts. Objectives: Optimization of the currently obtained PDM benefit. More user-friendliness with integration of the latest technology.
2002 – 2004

Change of name and 3D entry

The company name changes to GAIN Software GmbH. Product development continues as usual. In the GAIN EDM system, the first interfaces to the 3D CAD systems Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks from Dassault Systems are created.

Scalable workflow

GAIN offers its users the scalable workflow. A powerful programming interface enables the individual mapping of company processes.

GAIN Software remains true to its goals

It is planned to merge the currently leading and similar products GAIN and Compass (AIM systems), the future “Productstream Professional”, in short “PSP” Please also see our action page PSP Successor. However, companies are choosing to remain true to their own product objectives.

GAIN under Windows

Development of the first EDM version for use under Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Windows NT. The plot manager module and an interface to SAP-R/3 are now also available.
1989 – 1992

First extensions

GAIN now also manages Office and other design-related documents. Characteristic lists, project management and parts where-used lists make the work even easier. The interfaces to AutoCAD, GENIUS and Mechanical Desktop are being developed.
1984 – 1988

The beginnings under DOS

Erhard Prellwitz founds the PDS Software GmbH. One of his long-held goals was to allow multiple designers to share the same data pool. Network technologies still belonged to the future. The first companies manage their CAD data with the EDM software GAIN 1.0 and under the operating system DOS. GAIN offers the first CAD interfaces to MegaCAD, HP ME10, Microstation and PC-Draft.