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Inventor Tools

So that PDM migrations can be carried out efficiently

For “clean” and complete
Inventor data in the blink of an eye

The migration of inventory or metadata into our PDM system GAIN Collaboration is repeatedly part of PDM implementations for our customers.
The quality of this data plays an essential role here. In this respect, data should be maintained before being imported into a PDM system. Even if the expenditure for this is time-consuming: The effort is worthwhile in any case.


Inventor Tools: For optimizing Inventor files

  • Updating or deleting specific or orphaned references
  • the cleaning of files
  • saving to a newer release version
  • the exchange of resources (title blocks and symbols in drawings)
  • the update of file properties
  • or updating or modifying drawing resources in Inventor drawings or models, such as work sheet formats, margins, sketch symbols, etc.

Little helpers – also for do-it-yourselfer

In order to carry out these tasks efficiently, we at GAIN Software have developed little helpers especially for this purpose.
In the service contract, we use them ourselves.
For do-it-yourselfers, we are happy to provide our tools along with assistance or a short tutorial.

Use stand-alone.
Or within GAIN Collaboration

You can use the GAIN Inventor tools according to your possibilities: Either directly within GAIN Collaboration or as a stand-alone solution.

Of course, the stand-alone solution requires direct access to your Inventor data. If you are already working with GAIN Collaboration, you need access either directly to the archive in the PDM system or in connection with the GAIN Collaboration JobServer.

Feel free to contact us. Because there are a lot of options here.

Interested in GAIN Inventor tools?

If you are interested in supporting your work with a specific GAIN Inventor tool, please contact us.

The Inventor Tools:


Delete OLE links


Resource Manager

We are constantly developing more tools, which we will add here when they are ready.