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Delete OLE links

Remove Inventor OLE links

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Orphaned links and how they are created

Depending on the design, Autodesk Inventor data may contain links or OLE links to other files. Now, it may be that such links are consciously or unconsciously shifted or even deleted in the course of everyday design work or over the years.

Orphaned links refer to OLE objects. These are non-CAD files such as images, PDF or other neutral files. Load analysis files, as created and referenced by Inventor for load analyses, are also OLE objects.

Problems opening the Inventor file

The consequence: If one wants to open an Inventor file that contains OLE links, its links or references cannot be resolved. Editing the file in this state is simply no longer possible.

The removal of OLE links

Only if the affected OLE links to the data that no longer exists are deleted, the document can be edited further. This job is done by our tool “Delete OLE links”. It removes orphaned links from Inventor documents. These include

  • Assemblies
  • Components
  • Drawings

Use stand-alone or in GAIN Collaboration

Delete OLE-links can be used stand-alone in Windows Explorer, as well as in PDM system GAIN Collaboration.

Interested in Delete OLE-links?

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