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PDM interface

AutoCAD Mechanical PDM Interface

Deep CAD integration – control and management of relevant PDM information
many time-saving automatisms and functions – Multi-CAD

AutoCAD Mechanical PDM Interface 2020

PDM AutoCAD Mechanical:
Hand in hand with GAIN Collaboration

Thanks to the deep, bidirectional connections between GAIN Collaboration and AutoCAD Mechanical, GAIN Collaboration also increases your productivity in this area. With this PDM interface, many PDM functionalities are available directly in AutoCAD Mechanical via an integrated menu.
GAIN Collaboration manages all document types of AutoCAD Mechanical.

Functions to, for example, automatically fill a title block, insert geometry as a block or external reference, or create a block are standard functions.

Or: Simply have parts lists entered via PDM AutoCAD Mechanical and transferred to GAIN Collaboration.

PDM AutoCAD Mechanical:
Features & Functions at a glance

  • Management of external references
  • Parts list management
  • Parts usage list
  • Automatic filling of block attributes and info points
  • Single and structural copy
  • Management of all AutoCAD formats and document types
  • File property matching
  • Entering the CAD parts list
  • Presentation of uses and references
  • Insert blocks and / or external references
  • Connecting new documents to the GAIN Collaboration System
  • Management of external references
  • Automatic neutral format setting
  • Automatic filling of title blocks via properties or attributes
  • Structure copy and revision
  • Function for inserting drawing frames and title blocks

Interfaces: Benefits for all

Employees can, for example, call up or print out parts lists, material or weight information. Or generate neutral formats (for example PDF, TIF or DXF).

Flexible: Multi-CAD

GAIN Collaboration is CAD-independent. This allows you to use several CAD systems in parallel via the interfaces offered.

Current: Always up to date

GAIN Collaboration interfaces are always up-to-date. As soon as the release of the corresponding CAD application is available, the new GAIN Collaboration interface will appear shortly.

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