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PDM interface

Inventor PDM interface

Deep CAD integration – control and management of relevant PDM information
many time-saving automatisms and functions – Multi-CAD

inventor pdm interface

PDM Inventor:
Possibilities in GAIN Collaboration

See how the data from Autodesk Inventor is displayed in the PDM system …

PDM Inventor:
Clever drawing management with GAIN Collaboration

Thanks to deep integration of PDM with Inventor, GAIN Collaboration and Autodesk Inventor work hand in hand.
All formats and document types that arise and are used in Inventor are supported by the drawing management via this PDM interface.

For example, load analyses, parts from the design wizard, the piping and cabling modules, the rack generator, and iParts and iAssemblies.

Content center files from Autodesk Inventor are treated by GAIN Collaboration as a library part in the same way as in Inventor.

Bidirectional matching of file properties and copying of complex structures (drawings with external references) are standard functions. Let us support you as a designer:

Be it inserting components into assemblies via drag & drop or replacing a component with a copy or revision.

PDM Inventor:
Features & Functions at a glance

  • Management of external references
  • Parts list management
  • Parts usage list
  • Automatic writing and reading of iProperties
  • Single and structural copy
  • Management of all Inventor formats and document types
  • File property matching
  • Entering the CAD parts list
  • Presentation of uses and references
  • Replace and insert components
  • Connecting new documents to the GAIN Collaboration System
  • Management of external references
  • Automatic neutral format setting
  • Automatic filling of title blocks via properties
  • Structure copy and revision

The PDM Inventor interface
For equal information from Autodesk Inventor and PDM

GAIN Collaboration and Autodesk Inventor are in constant exchange.
On the one hand, you can display information from the PDM system directly in the title block of an Autodesk Inventor document.
Conversely, GAIN Collaboration takes properties from the drawing document.

Drawing management with connection to your ERP
All the easier thanks to the integrated JoinServer

Via the PDM ERP interface integrated in GAIN Collaboration you can transfer parts lists and article master data to your ERP system.
GAIN Collaboration captures BOM information from Inventor and maps it to the appropriate records. If you wish, you can add additional articles to these in GAIN Collaboration.

PDM Inventor generates neutral formats at the desired process

Depending on the configuration, GAIN Collaboration generates neutral formats such as PDF automatically: Either in the work process automatically at check-in, at status change or – if required – via the JobServer.
GAIN Collaboration stores neutral formats next to the document for viewing or sending by e-mail.

Let GAIN Collaboration copy and revise conveniently

GAIN Collaboration System supports you in copying and revising individual models or structures. For example, assemblies or drawings with their references.
All referenced documents are displayed during copy operations. You can copy them as well.
Depending on the process selection, GAIN Collaboration additionally assigns new numbers to copied files and updates them in the file properties.
The revision is done numerically or alphabetically depending on the configuration.
GAIN Collaboration retains previous versions (in the case of revisions) for inspection.

Check references and their use

GAIN Collaboration captures existing references from Autodesk Inventor documents.
You can quickly access and view them and their uses at any time via additional indexes.
Helpful functions also support the daily handling of Autodesk Inventor documents.

Interfaces: Benefits for all

Employees can, for example, call up or print out parts lists, material or weight information. Or generate neutral formats (for example PDF, TIF or DXF).

Flexible: Multi-CAD

GAIN Collaboration is CAD-independent. This allows you to use several CAD systems in parallel via the interfaces offered.

Current: Always up to date

GAIN Collaboration interfaces are always up-to-date. As soon as the release of the corresponding CAD application is available, the new GAIN Collaboration interface will appear shortly.

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