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PDM Success Story: EJP Machines

GAIN Collaboration enabled a quick data transfer and the functionality we wanted.

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Jungbluth

development manager, EJP Machines GmbH

PDM machines

PDM replacement from Productstream Professional to GAIN Collaboration

In October 2017, support for the Autodesk Productstream Professional (PSP) product data management solution was officially discontinued.
Many affected companies were looking for a PSP successor – an equal solution. This is also the case with EJP Maschinen GmbH, headquartered in Baesweiler in the Rhineland.
Through a short, intensive support from consulting to PDM implementation, the GAIN software system partner cubikom helped EJP Maschinen GmbH to a comprehensive, updating changeover in terms of drawing creation and management. With a happy ending because the task had it in itself.


36,000 linked drawing data under PSP

Designers at EJP Maschinen GmbH work with AutoCAD Mechanical and Autodesk Inventor. Over the years, about 36,000 drawing data were created.
Initially, the drawing data was managed with the product data management solutions “Compass” and its successor product Autodesk Productstream Professional. Furthermore, these drawing data are linked with machine and customer-specific data and information such as contracts, customer correspondence or parts lists from Excel. All of this data belongs to customer orders.


The challenge: Adopting very specific data architectures

A special challenge for cubikom was the 1:1 transfer of the grown structures created by Compass with the company-specific links.
Links that map the internal structure, machines, commission numbers and customer designations. Because at EJP Maschinen GmbH they are used to being able to search not only by numbers, but also by customers or machines sold to customers. If a machine has been sold several times, it is also linked to several customers.


Open-heart surgery

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Jungbluth, head of the development department at EJP Maschinen GmbH:
“Our task was a special one: All data, in particular their multi-layered links, had to be transferred to a new system. Just imagine that links would have changed in the process. That in the end we would no longer be able to cope with the system. Every error would trigger a real chain reaction in design, production or spare parts output. The whole thing was like open-heart surgery. Based on good experience, we gave the experts from cubikom the benefit of the doubt here: We trusted that they were capable of getting everything under control in our sense.”


Decision for the more flexible CAD PDM system. Implemented by experienced hands.

“We had a demonstration of Autodesk’s recommended follow-on product, Autodesk Vault. In the end, however, we decided to go with GAIN Collaboration.
First, GAIN Collaboration is quite similar in structure and management to the PSP we are familiar with. Secondly, it could be adapted for our special data transfer in such a way that my colleagues and I can continue to work without data loss and with the old familiar links,” says Jungbluth. “In addition, we were assured of the planned conversion in the shortest possible time.”
In fact, the transfer of the existing architecture was tricky: The existing logic had to be prepared in such a way that it was possible to map the legacy data in the new system without any loss of information. The transfer took place in several steps, previews were generated in advance.
In the end, only one delta migration was necessary, and the changeover could be carried out on a Saturday.


Smooth data transfer

“It certainly took a few days, but in the end all data was transferred in the best quality. Before the transfer, all data was automatically updated to the current version level via GAIN Collaboration. Everything went smoothly,” says Mr. Jungbluth with satisfaction.


Play it safe with cubikom

Jungbluth: “After the data transfer, we set up some projects directly in GAIN Collaboration. Then we started a test run: Our old system remained in place for a while – the new one was integrated in parallel. During this time, it became clear rapidly that everything was working as desired. And that all data could be assessed as we were used to. During this time, the GAIN software system partner cubikom accompanied us intensively with training and support for further adjustments. Thus, everything went smoothly.”


Quickly integrated into GAIN Collaboration

“GAIN Collaboration has met our expectations in terms of functionality, overview and comfort level,” says Jungbluth. “Of course, a changeover always means getting used to things. However, with GAIN Collaboration we all found our way around quickly and intuitively. For example, the check-in and check-out via drag and drop is very pleasant. Or also the interface, which we can now customize ourselves the way we like it.”
The Baesweiler machine builders now also manage image and neutral data such as PDF documents under GAIN Collaboration. Everything can be filed as usual according to project, function and customer. Important additional programming in the product stream was also made available again in the Gain Collaboration.


You can rely on cubikom

Jungbluth is very satisfied with cubikom’s commitment: “In addition to adopting our special data architecture, cubikom also made it possible for us to display customer numbers with commission numbers directly in the project list window. So now we also have direct access like before.
cubikom has always reacted quickly, supported and implemented. You can count on them. All promises have been kept.”