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Put together your own personal PDM system. Simply adapt the system to your habits. Typical PDM functions gladly accept your very personal specifications. And your company’s.

GAIN Collaboration is completely geared to you

PDM adaptability

Graphically customizable user interface

Customizable user interface

All settings of the GAIN Collaboration System can be configured individually via graphical menus:

  • Input masks, toolboxes and menus can be set up individually and conveniently at system runtime.
  • Design your own search masks and folder structures for faster searching and finding of documents.
  • Customize the entire GAIN Collaboration user interface quickly and individually via simple configuration menus.

For example, adjust …

  • the configuration of the property matching for documents
  • the creation of neutral formats
  • the configuration of the viewers used
  • the status management
  • the license and update management
  • the database adjustment


Flexible number generator

Integrated number generator for the uniqueness of stored documents. GAIN Collaboration also shines here with a lot of flexibility.

The number generator integrated in GAIN Collaboration ensures the uniqueness of stored documents. You have special wishes concerning the way of indexing? GAIN Collaboration also shines here with a lot of flexibility.


follow rules

Rules and regulations to control and maintain access rights in your company. Set up sets of rules via workflows and special authorizations. User administration with overview of all assigned rules.

Rules and regulations are used to control and maintain access rights in companies. And so the acceleration of processes. If the status changes, the right to a document also changes.

Rulesets can be set up at any time via workflows and special permissions in GAIN Collaboration. The user administration shows you an overview of all assigned rules.


User and group management

User and group management for assigning your employees to groups and determining which people or groups are subject to which rules.
Which documents may a certain group create?
Which documents may be inspected by whom?
GAIN Collaboration’s user and group management allows you to manage users conveniently and easily:

  • The assignment of your employees to groups
  • Determining which persons or groups are subject to which rules



Ensure property matching

Properties comparison in graphical form. Define the exchange of metadata (properties) between GAIN Collaboration and specific documents: Bidirectional, from document to GAIN Collaboration or vice versa.

What document metadata, such as weight or material, is relevant to your business?

In GAIN Collaboration, you simply define these specifications via the graphical property matching. In the next step you define the exchange of these metadata (properties) between GAIN Collaboration and specific documents:

1. bidirectional,
2. from the document on GAIN Collaboration,
3. or vice versa.


Change Management

Change management: Customizable change processes. Revisions for individual documents or entire structures. Direct overview of all changes to documents.

Changing documents is the order of the day. You can set up customizable change processes so that you can track all changes at any time. You can perform a revision for individual documents as well as for entire structures.
In contrast to the history entry, GAIN Collaboration gives you an overview of all changes to a document via the change history:

  • Who did an audit and when?
  • When was a document created?
  • Who edited it?
  • Who changed it?
  • Who released the document?


Status: Information and configuration

Status configuration: Configure status sequences easily and flexibly.Link status information with user rights.Assignment of different workflows or status sequences to different documents.

The editing process of your documents with its respective status sequences can be configured easily and flexibly in GAIN Collaboration. Couple individual status information with user rights, which are usually subject to rules.

Assign different documents to different workflows or status sequences.


Supplement database fields

Add database fields: Large number of free database fields in the standard system. Add new fields or tables using graphical database editor. Without SQL knowledge.

Already in the standard version GAIN Collaboration provides you with a large number of free database fields. But sometimes these are not enough.

With the help of the graphical database editor you can easily add new fields or even tables. And all this without any SQL knowledge.


Mask Editor

Graphical mask editor for the flexible display of document information or search masks according to your ideas.

GAIN Collaboration displays document information via flexible masks. Using the graphical mask editor, you can adapt the – also different – masks to your requirements at runtime.

For example, an Inventor part can be a production part or a standard part. In this respect, the mask may look different.
In addition to displaying document information, the mask is also used for document search and document creation.