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GAIN Collaboration Barcode


Barcode extension

Quickly identify data managed in the PDM system.

Identify design data, parts or products by their barcode marking in no time at all.

barcode process

Process of identifying data in GAIN Collaboration via a barcode.

This supports you
GAIN Collaboration Barcode

With the add-on module GAIN Collaboration Barcode you can quickly and easily display the corresponding data or documents in GAIN Collaboration via a barcode.

Application examples

  • Incoming goods: Incoming goods can be inspected directly, quickly and precisely by visual inspection.
  • Manufacturing: Using a drawing with a barcode, a production employee can call up the corresponding document and check whether it is up-to-date.


  1. You scan a barcode – for example on a delivery note or a drawing.
  2. GAIN Collaboration determines in a fraction of a second whether an entry exists for the key stored in the barcode (for example an article number).
  3. If an entry is stored, the corresponding document opens. As a rule, this is a PDF document for a drawing.