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PDM advantages

A PDM system has to reconcile many things. The right approvals in the workflow, authorized access to data, quickly finding the files you are looking for, and much more. It’s good to know that with GAIN Collaboration, even on hectic workdays, everything goes according to plan.

And for sure a good feeling

Thanks to simple, convenient operation from implementation to revision. Thanks to the flexibility that suits you and your company. Thanks to the certainty that all doors will still be open to you tomorrow. And these are just a few PDM advantages …

PDM advantages

GAIN Collaboration supports you:

  • Management of all product data arising in the product life cycle
  • Constant information about the creation, changes and releases of the product data of your house
  • Project-oriented, clearly arranged workplace
  • Exchange of information across languages and locations
  • Controlled access to your documents and files
  • Search and find via flexible filters, classifications or structures
  • Automation of routine tasks via job servers and convenient printing
PDM advantages


GAIN Collaboration makes PDM easy. Already in the development phase, we orient the PDM system to user behavior. Because your enjoyment of work is particularly close to our hearts.


Your PDM advantages:

  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Secure, rapid data transfer and migration
  • Tidy, clear user interface
  • Import via drag-and-drop
  • Individual folder and project structure
  • System configuration on graphical user interface
  • Deep CAD, CAM and MS Office integration
  • Free classification systems
  • Short mouse paths
  • Pleasant, intuitive working
  • Graphically supported database customization
  • Graphical configuration menus
  • Strong user orientation
PDM advantages


Tailor-made suit instead of ready-made? Here you go: GAIN Collaboration adapts to your personal preferences and your company’s standards. Simple, graphical and intuitive.


Advantages of PDM flexibility:

PDM advantages


PDM – that means collaboration, data access and transfer. Between employees, departments and locations. Play it safe.


Advantages of PDM security: