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PDM application areas

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Take a look at the extensions to GAIN Collaboration.

  • Define articles and documents flexibly
  • Action-dependent status management and release system
  • Powerful parts list management
  • Where-used lists with intelligent links
  • Detailed change management
  • Chronological revision management
  • Nomenclature with proposal function
  • Fast preview also of secondary documents
  • Neutral formats manually or automatically
PDM collaboration


Project collaboration

  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Cross-location cooperation
  • Dictionary
  • Folder structures
  • Project structures
  • Quick provision of documents
  • Quick News
  • Import and export
PDM process management

adhere to processes

Processes and workflow

  • Define workflows graphically
  • Additional functions via workflow scripts
  • Action-dependent status management
  • Customizable rights management
  • History entry / logging
PDM access management

access in a controlled manner

Access Management

  • Check-In / Check-Out Procedure
  • User rights with extensive possibilities
  • Optional document encryption
  • Worldwide access
  • Replication of entire document structures
Search & Find

Minimize search times

Search and find

  • Search mask = input and change mask
  • Practical search folders as desired
  • Rich search options
  • Helpful folder structures
  • Classification by classes and characteristics
  • Clear project structures