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PDM Archive

Benefit from data and failover security, more performance and flexibility. Including perfect migrations.

Unencrypted. Unattainably safe.

Simple solutions for high security: The GAIN Collaboration Archive does not require cryptic encryption of file names or directories. Files to be managed are stored by the PDM system on the server in a Windows-compliant manner: only an administrator at Explorer level can access them. In this respect, there is also no share for users. And so the archive is neither findable nor accessible for users.

PDM Archive
PDM Archive

Data security

Access and preview of documents is only possible for users via GAIN Collaboration.

PDM Archive


In case of a system or network failure, the archive remains accessible for administrators even without GAIN Collaboration.

PDM Archive

More power

Where there is no encryption – there is more performance.
Especially when processing large amounts of data, GAIN Collaboration helps you get ahead faster.

PDM Archive

Data flexibility

You can easily move your archive data (server or medium change) at any time.
With GAIN Collaboration, you can manage, back up and restore data as usual.

PDM Archive

Migrate without detours

Data out of the vault – then migrate – then import back in?
It’s easier: Thanks to its open archive, GAIN Collaboration can migrate CAD data releases quickly and easily. You save time because all data is immediately available. Especially with complex 3D data sets.

PDM Archive

End-to-end release migration

With GAIN Collaboration’s open archive you simply migrate all existing versions – not only the current ones.
CAD data on old release versions will sooner or later lead to corrupt data. This ballast makes the vault system unusable over time and also costs storage space.
By migrating all data to the latest release, you ensure the reusability of all CAD data.