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Search & Find

GAIN Collaboration offers you valuable support in the form of powerful filters, classifications or structures. For your overview and fast search results.

Quick & easy via …

PDM Search & Find


Search, enter and change
in the same screen

The search mask is also an input and modification mask. Logical-intuitive design for easy workflow.

In GAIN Collaboration, the search mask is also the input and modification mask.

This logical-intuitive structure facilitates and accelerates your workflow in product data management. You can edit documents directly.


your search options

Search & find projects, 3D models and drawings, office documents, emails and other documents. Numerous advanced search options, for example via wildcards, logical operators or combined field searches. Search filter can be saved. Search results in flexible tables.

GAIN Collaboration helps you find documents in several ways.

You can search for/about:

  • Projects
  • 3D models and drawings
  • Office documents
  • Emails
  • Other documents

Your advanced search options

  • Search via wildcards and logical operators
  • Global search across all entries in GAIN Collaboration
  • Register search window for combined searches
  • Combined field searches
  • Restricting search terms
  • Column filter
  • Savable search filters
  • Multiple searches at the same time (jump from search to search)

Search results in tables

GAIN Collaboration displays found objects and documents clearly in a table. You can display various searches in parallel in various tables, between which you can switch back and forth.


Classification according to characteristics

Classification Search

Order or classify documents according to the similarity of their factual characteristics. This helps you to quickly retrieve and build on existing documents. The classification in GAIN Collaboration is single-level.

You can assign specific characteristics within a class. For example …

Class: Roller
Features: Outer diameter, axle diameter, jacket length, journal diameter
Class: Pump
Features: Power, throughput, medium


Search folder

Search folder with stored filter functions according to your personal wishes or for all users.

Save time by defining search folders. In it, you can store your desired filter functions.
You can search folders

  • According to your personal wishes or
  • for all users.

Folder structures

Folder structures: Public and private folders, as well as project folders for the structured management of data and documents. With many structure and filter options on a public or private basis.
Use the public, private and project folders for the structured management of your data and documents.

Your options:

  • Create group- and user-specific folder structures (public and private folders)
  • Create new folders and filters according to your needs
  • Create individual structures in private folders
  • Classify documents via the structure
  • Create project folder structures


Project structures

Project structures according to individual requirements. All important functions on right mouse button. Quick links via drag & drop.

You create projects, subprojects and their structures according to your individual requirements.

All important functions are located on the right mouse button. Without having to link it first, you can create a new document for a project in no time at all. Use drag & drop to quickly and easily link new documents directly to the project.