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We support you with
Implementation of GAIN Collaboration.

Peter Schmitt

Welcome to our website as a ZWSOFT partner.

For many companies, a PDM system can be a huge productivity boost. So perhaps also for companies from your clientele?

That is why we have created this website. Many experiences working with our partners prove how good and easy implementation is for you as a ZWSOFT partner.

And how quickly ultimately ZWCAD and ZW3D users, for example, can benefit from PDM support.

For this, some of our experts from sales and engineering have grown up with CAD and PDM.

Use our PDM partner service free of charge. A 1st step to more productivity of your customers.

Your Peter Schmitt
Managing Director GAIN Software



More productivity for your ZW3D/ZWCAD customers

Copy rz industrial construction

Example integration: Simply faster
Many PDM functions are available directly from the integrated menu in ZW3D or ZWCAD.

from PDM advantage

  • Videos to get to know and get on
    Taster videos for you and your customer give first insights into product data management with GAIN Collaboration:
  • Leaflet in div. Languages with your impression
    Our product PDF is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French with your imprint (logo and address) from us.
  • Sales Support
    We are happy to support you on a sales and technical basis.

with us as a partner

  • Installation & Implementation
    GAIN Collaboration can be implemented quickly. After analyzing the existing IT infrastructure, the installation can be carried out online without any problems.
  • CAD Templates Customization
    For powerful integration, we offer CAD template optimization for smooth exchange between CAD and PDM.
  • Integration into existing systems
    With deep CAD interfaces, connectors to ERP, DMS and other software systems via web services, XML or database couplings.

the quick start

  • Detailed documentation
    Detailed documentation on GAIN Collaboration leaves no user questions unanswered.
  • Short training
    GAIN Collaboration is intuitive to use. The user training takes only one day, the training for administrators two days.
  • Fast support
    We are happy to support you with all questions regarding GAIN Collaboration. That’s what we’re here for: by phone, via remote maintenance and on site.

Very familiar with ZW3D and ZWCAD

On our platform CADCAMPDM we offer our professional support to ZWSOFT products. Optionally in combination with GAIN Collaboration.

Our technicians have been familiar with ZW3D and ZWCAD for many years.

The right PDM system for ZWSOFT products

Arbitrary file storage in Windows Explorer, unregulated access rights or no cross-departmental provision of data is neither efficient nor economical.
Thus, in the context of digitization, there have been increasing calls from users of ZWSOFT products for a product data management solution in recent years.
GAIN Software developed deep interfaces to ZWSOFT products and presented them for the first time at the Global Partner Conference in 2017.

GAIN Collaboration

A flexible, multilingual PDM solution

Today GAIN Software offers the flexible and time-saving PDM interfaces to ZWCAD and ZW3D to the numerous ZWSOFT partners and interested parties from all over the world.
For example, GAIN Collaboration scores with its integrated dictionary, which takes care of any language. Or with the easily customizable masks or the neutral format position.

Authorized Reseller

Free PDM Partner Service:
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Inform us about the circumstances of your customer:

Inform us:

So that we can answer you in the best possible way,
we need some information:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Does your customer already use a PDM system?
  3. CAD, CAM or engineering tools of your customer
    How many seats?
  4. Possible integration of further systems?

We respond immediately with further sales and technical information.

Which CAD, CAM or other engineering tools of your customer should be integrated?

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