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PDM interface

PDM API Interface

Access to GAIN Collaboration from various applications – Status management in the ERP system
Optional scripts for individual workflows – based on C#

Open for PLM, own programs and external systems

Via the GAIN Collaboration programming interface (API based on C-Sharp (C#)) you can access GAIN Collaboration from your existing system and trigger actions.
Connect for example GAIN Collaboration with your document management system (DMS) or ERP system via this PDM interface.
In addition, the GAIN Collaboration PDM API lets you map individual workflows in the form of scripts. You can integrate and use these workflows via the workflow in GAIN Collaboration.

Features & Functions at a glance

  • Extend the status management in GAIN Collaboration.
  • Create jobs for the JobServer
  • Call up documents and master data in GAIN Collaboration from the ERP or DMS system
  • Manage the status directly in your ERP system: For example, after transferring article and BOM information from GAIN Collaboration, you can set the status of the documents in GAIN Collaboration to “released”.

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