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GAIN Collaboration Extensions

Open up more opportunities:
Seamlessly incorporate extensions.

PDM across locations


Cross-site PDM

Convenient product data management between any number of locations.

PDM Plot Manager

Plot Manager

Convenient printing

Print managed documents such as CAD, PDF, image and Office documents.

PDM classification


Classify product data

Structuring of documents or articles in product classes.

PDM JoinServer


Exchange with external systems

Exchange of documents and metadata with external systems, e.g. ERP.

Import & Export


Convenient import & export

For up to 500 design documents or entire databases.

PDM Job Server

Job server

Automate routines

Increase your productivity. It’s automatic.

GAIN Collaboration Barcode


Identify data via barcode.

Quickly identify design data, parts or products by their barcode marking.

GAIN Collaboration Report


Configurable export to XLS or PDF

Configurable export of parts lists (BOM), reference lists or results lists.