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GAIN Collaboration Variants
1 system – 3 applications

Variant GAIN Collaboration View

GAIN Collaboration View

Let’s take a look

Search, view and print documents. For example, in sales or in work preparation.

Variant GAIN Collaboration Office


Data Management

Link, generate and manage non-CAD documents such as MS Office, neutral formats, etc.

Variant GAIN Collaboration Professional


Product Data Management

Manage CAD, CAM and Office documents. Integration in CAD, CAM, ECAD and MCAD applications. PDM functionalities, for example, for process management, workflow, access management, automation and connection to external systems such as ERP or DMS.

Icon GAIN Collaboration View Icon GAIN Collaboration Office Icon GAIN Collaboration Professional

GAIN Collaboration View

GAIN Collaboration Office

GAIN Collaboration Professional

View documents checkbox checkbox checkbox
Output of reports checkbox checkbox checkbox
Export functions for data exchange checkbox checkbox checkbox
Create, edit and manage MS Office documents and emails checkbox checkbox
Managing NON-CAD documents checkbox checkbox
Status management checkbox checkbox
Copying and revising MS Office documents checkbox checkbox
Job server checkbox checkbox checkbox
Create, edit and manage CAD documents checkbox
Copying and revising CAD documents checkbox
Import and export of CAD documents checkbox
Site replication ¹ checkbox checkbox
Integration and use of own workflow functions checkbox checkbox checkbox
ERP coupling ² checkbox checkbox

¹ Extending module ² Customizing required