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PDM system
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PDM System

GAIN Collaboration: Benefits for all employees

What is a PDM system?

PDM stands for Product Data Management. A PDM system operates throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. From design and planning, through construction and production, to sales and service.

Through its functions and interfaces to other systems, it manages all product and process-related data. For example, design drawings, parts lists from the CAD area, information about parts, images, PDF information and much more.

The advantages of a PDM system

A product data management system can be used throughout the company. This way, all connected employees benefit from the product information that is useful to them. Examples:

  • The design department can quickly locate specific data or use it for further development.
  • The work preparation department can call up parts lists at the push of a button.
  • Sales staff from different branches or departments can print out a spare parts list instantly to support them in customer discussions.

In this way, the system generally increases the productivity and cooperation of all employees. The entire company gains efficiency.

GAIN Collaboration: Freedom in Product Data Management

GAIN Collaboration works across departments for all information of your products and their creation processes. Product data management with GAIN Collaboration shortens your design times and creates order and security thanks to intelligently networked company data.
You gain productivity every day, ensure high quality in the entire organizational process and save valuable time and resources. GAIN Collaboration increases your job satisfaction and is a first step towards Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Get to know GAIN Collaboration

PDM advantages


The GAIN lead

Let us support you. Simple, flexible, secure.



Questions & Answers before purchase

For managing directors, IT managers, CAD administrators, design managers and design engineers.

PDM Einführung

PDM Introduction


Installation, configuration and data transfer.


PDM technology

Innovative technology

Performance, transparency, data security and flexibility.

PDM Archiv

Archive without safe

Unattainably safe.

PDM adaptability


For a PDM system,
that suits you.

PDM process management

Processes & Workflow

Enjoy freedom
and flexibility.

PDM Anwenderorientierung

User orientation

For a quick start
and more job satisfaction.

Apply GAIN Collaboration

Capture, control and analyze all data generated during the life cycle of a product.
PDM collaboration


Project collaboration

Cross-departmental and cross-location collaboration via a project-appropriate workspace.

PDM process management

adhere to processes

Processes and workflow

Exact adaptation of your requirements to your system processes and workflows.

PDM access management

access in a controlled manner

Access Management

For regulated access to documents: rights management, check-in/check-out and document encryption.

Search & Find

Minimize search times

Search and find

Fixed search results thanks to powerful filters, classifications or structures.

Enhancements to GAIN Collaboration

PDM Locations


Cross-site PDM

Convenient product data management between any number of locations.

PDM Plot Manager

Plot Manager

Convenient printing

Print managed documents such as CAD, PDF, image and Office documents.

PDM classification


Classify product data

Structuring of documents or articles in product classes.

PDM JoinServer


Exchange with external systems

Exchange of documents and meta data with external systems, e.g. ERP.

Import & Export


Convenient import & export

For up to 500 design documents or entire databases.

PDM Job Server

Job server

Automate routines

Increase your productivity. It’s automatic.

GAIN Collaboration Barcode


Identify data via barcode.

Quickly identify design data, parts or products by their barcode marking.

GAIN Collaboration Report


Configurable export to XLS or PDF

Configurable export of parts lists (BOM), reference lists or results lists.

3 variants for all

Icon GAIN Collaboration View


Let’s take a look

Search, view and print documents. For example, in sales or in work preparation.

Icon GAIN Collaboration Office


Data Management

Link, generate and manage non-CAD documents such as MS Office, neutral formats, etc.

Icon GAIN Collaboration Professional


Product Data Management

Manage CAD, CAM and Office documents. Integration in CAD, CAM, ECAD and MCAD applications. PDM functionalities, for example, for process management, workflow, access management, automation and connection to external systems such as ERP or DMS.


PDM interface

PDM interfaces


For the integration of the product development and production process chains, the product data management system GAIN Collaboration offers highly developed, deeply integrated interfaces for CAD, CAM, Office, ECAD and ERP.  You can enjoy maximum flexibility via the API interface.

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