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PDM interface

Coupling ERP with PDM system GAIN Collaboration via Joinserver

Easy to implement and bidirectional PDM-ERP coupling – JoinServer support
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PDM Interface ERP

Overview PDM – ERP

Alternative couplings:



How to get your PLM concept flowing

The easily configurable interface.
The JoinServer supports you.

See how data from ERP systems is displayed in the PDM system …

The coupling of PDM and ERP systems is sometimes discussed as time-consuming and costly.

Therefore, we at GAIN Software have developed the JoinServer in addition to this PDM interface and integrated it as a standard module in GAIN Collaboration. The JoinServer makes the synchronization of metadata between ERP systems and GAIN Collaboration much easier:

  • You can easily configure the JoinServer to import and export metadata according to your needs.
  • The JoinServer then performs the import and export independently for defined processes, such as the release of documents.

Bidirectional exchange between PDM and ERP

The JoinServer exports metadata of articles and parts lists from the GAIN Collaboration database. Vice versa, for example, an import or comparison of article metadata from the ERP system to the PDM system GAIN Collaboration can take place. Exchange formats: CSV or XML.

Sample process:
Fast demand notification

You decide which order is executed at which status change. Here, quite tight interlocking can be realized via appropriate event handling:

For example, you can trigger a purchase order in the PDM system via the release (status) of a specific document that contains article information. For this purpose, the JoinServer first exports the corresponding meta data to a target or transfer directory. The ERP system then processes this data automatically. As an alternative to operating as a service in the background, you can also trigger jobs manually.

Advantages of the
PDM ERP interface

  • More efficiency thanks to automatisms
  • Simple, clear setup
  • Saving of efforts and costs

Further applications

The JoinServer also supports you in linking to other systems such as data management systems (DMS).

Possibility of connection
to concrete ERP systems:

  • AMS
  • AP+
  • AS400 PDM
  • Demand ERP
  • Infor COM
  • ODOO
  • Orderbase PDM
  • proAlpha PDM
  • Psipenta PDM

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