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PDM technology

Under the hood: performance that thinks about tomorrow.

Good to know

With GAIN Collaboration you work with one of the most modern and fastest PDM systems: technology with performance, transparency, data security and flexibility.
The innovative GAIN Collaboration technology has been specially developed and designed for future generations of Windows operating systems.
You benefit from a PDM system with long-term investment security.

PDM technology
PDM technology

Client / Server Architecture

Thanks to the server-client architecture, GAIN Collaboration reduces the load on your network to a minimum:
The main program, the GAIN Collaboration Server, is installed in the network on a central computer (server).
The GAIN Collaboration Clients on the individual workstations use their own program files at runtime.

PDM technology

Microsoft .NET Framework

GAIN Collaboration already meets the requirements and prerequisites for future Microsoft operating system generations.
Client and server technologies are based on the .NET Framework from Microsoft.
Thus, GAIN Collaboration is aligned with Microsoft’s modern technologies without being deeply embedded in them. For easy, hassle-free installation of server and client.

PDM technology

C-Sharp (C#)

The GAIN Collaboration System is programmed in C-Sharp (C#). C-Sharp is an innovative programming language for all applications on Windows operating systems.
For you, this means: all freedom for individual adjustments via freely available funds.

PDM technology


GAIN Collaboration distributes its program tasks to different processors. This allows you to run multiple processes at the same time. For example, open current documents while GAIN Collaboration performs a Pack & Go on the side. You use the full power of your computer for PDM tasks and save time.

PDM technology

Microsoft SQL database

GAIN Collaboration communicates with a Microsoft SQL database for the storage of all information in the PDM system.
For smaller installations GAIN Collaboration also makes do with the MS SQL Express Server.
GAIN Collaboration thus offers you a wide range of usage and linking options.

PDM technology

WPF/WCF technology

With the WPF/WCF technology GAIN Collaboration is based on future Windows platforms for user interfaces: With WPF – as part of the .NET framework – GAIN Collaboration uses an innovative graphics framework to design user interfaces. With WCF GAIN Collaboration unifies the communication between .NET applications across platforms under one roof.

PDM technology

Update flexibility

Of course, GAIN Collaboration automatically informs you about new, available updates.
You determine at what time the update is sent to the server and installed. The clients update themselves automatically after an update.

PDM technology

Releases without configuration changes

Your custom changes remain untouched or preserved after installed updates. Because GAIN Collaboration stores all your configured customizations separately in the database.