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PDM interface

Coupling ERP with PDM system GAIN Collaboration via web services

Powerful, convenient technology for communication
between GAIN Collaboration and other applications.

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How to get your PLM concept flowing

What is a WebService?

A WebService is a powerful technology for communication between the PDM system GAIN Collaboration and other applications. It enables automatic and autonomous retrieval of data to make it available in other applications or locations.

WebServices are based on a standardized technology built on XML (Extensible Markup Language) and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Here, a provided API offers an interface that can be used by another application.

Advantages of PDM coupling via WebServices


WebServices offers a convenient solution to connect different applications comfortably. Here, the application only has to use the functions provided.


Provided functions enable a wide range of solutions. These can be combined to assemble the data needed.


Provided functions can be called from different applications. This way, information and data can be distributed to the appropriate places.

On Demand

Data and information are always provided at the time of request. WebServices do not require caching for data, which keeps them always up-to-date.


WebServices can be used by different operating systems and programming languages.

Prerequisites for WebServices

GAIN Collaboration

The WebService module is a module based on GAIN Collaboration.


The WebServies require the “Microsoft Internet Information Services” (IIS) program running on a Windows system.


Windows and network system must be configured appropriately for your purpose.

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