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Data exchange between sites

Cross-site – direct or time-controlled Full or partial replication – also combined – Rights management – Different access types – Teamwork between sites

Product data exchange via locations

How GAIN Collaboration Location supports you

GAIN Collaboration Module Location

Convenient product data management across locations

When corporate structures grow or the need for data exchange between you and external design offices increases, data exchange between different locations becomes more and more important. GAIN Collaboration Location is a fee-based add-on module that networks the product data management of any number of locations.
In this way, you can greatly simplify and optimize the exchange of data and information within a company or individual locations.


Your options for replicating data between sites

  • You can choose between full or partial replication of database and documents
  • In addition, you can perform replications directly or time-controlled (for example, if the bandwidth of the connection between the sites should be conserved).
  • You decide on the read or edit rights of external bodies

You determine the rules of the game

You determine the type of access and thus the type of cooperation.
Choose between the

  • Access of different locations to the same standard parts library within the design department (reduce ordering costs)
  • Access to an always up-to-date design status at distribution and manufacturing locations

GAIN Collaboration Location keeps everyone at the same level of knowledge

After certain documents have been transferred to an external location, GAIN Collaboration Location transfers any further adjustments to these documents to all other registered locations as well. All without any further input from a designer.

Any changes that the external location then makes, GAIN Collaboration Location automatically sends back to the originating location. In this way, the latter also always knows the current processing status. GAIN Collaboration Location only ever transfers data between locations that have undergone a change. In this way, you benefit from the lowest connection load between the sites.

Replication options

Choose between partial or full replication:

  • Using partial replication, you can specifically control which document is to be made available to which location.
  • With full replication, GAIN Collaboration Location completely synchronizes the entire data stock (database as well as the associated documents) between different locations.

Partial replication

Due to the partial replication, not all design data, but only selected documents are available to external or other subsidiaries. The external body can then reuse them as required. Collaboration between different departments or locations on one and the same project is also ensured in an uncomplicated manner.

Each department or design office therefore only has the data that is relevant to them or the office.
This form of replication is of course much more suitable than giving away the entire design archive and thus the know-how. Finally, you only pass on information via partial replication that is also relevant for external parties.

After a partial replication, each department can work on the project for which it is best suited. At the same time, the documents are always guaranteed to be up-to-date.
Partial replication is particularly well suited for working with subcontractors and out-of-town design offices.

Full replication

With this form of replication, GAIN Collaboration Location synchronizes the complete data stock, the database as well as the associated documents, between different locations.
The rights management in GAIN Collaboration ensures that only one designer at a location can edit the data set and the associated file. While all other users and sites have read-only access.
When new data records or changes to inventory data are made available, the matching of data records and documents takes place in the background. Completely automatically – without the involvement of a designer.

Teamwork between locations

The replication automatism in GAIN Collaboration Location enable different locations and designers to work on the same project at the same time. A real advantage: thanks to the flexibly deployable resources, planning, design and production processes can be significantly optimized and streamlined.


Combination of partial and full replication

You can combine the two replication methods.
For example, two locations of a group can use full replication between each other.

For replications as desired: The rights system

You decide on the type of access of other sites: whether read access or access with editing rights.
Even the editing rights of a record or document for a specific user at a specific location can be easily set in the GAIN Collaboration rights system.
Once the transfer to another location is set, GAIN Collaboration Location automatically forwards any changes to the record or document to that location.


Direct or time-controlled transmission


Product data exchange: Direct and time-controlled

Product data exchange: Direct and time-controlled

With GAIN Collaboration Location, you can decide whether the file transfer to external locations should be done directly or time-controlled.


  • Regarding direct transmission, there must be a permanent connection between the sites. Because every change of a data record or a document is transferred by GAIN Collaboration Location directly and directly to the other location.

Added value for all

By sharing data, other departments – besides mechanical design – can also benefit from transferred data.