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Customizability: PDM solution with 1A configuration options

Add database fields: Large number of free database fields in the standard system. Add new fields or tables using graphical database editor. Without SQL knowledge.

The GAIN Collaboration PDM system adapts completely to the needs of your product development. Quick and uncomplicated.

Use your configuration options in the PDM tool:

  • Extension of the system with additional database fields
  • Design of the user interface: For example, input and search mask
  • Configuration of interfaces – for example to CAD systems
  • Determining the way numbers are generated
  • Defining sets of rules for the creation of documents
  • Free definition of status transitions
  • Individual setup of toolboxes and menus
  • Free design of folder structures for search and retrieval
  • Administrators can store selection lists and boxes for standard entries in the database themselves.

Discover more customization options.

GAIN Collaboration adapts to your processes

Define Workflow : Graphical state configuration for easy, intuitive definition of the sequence, properties and conditions of virtually any workflow. Complex workflows can also be implemented by integrating specially programmed workflow scripts. Also for additional functions.

Every company has its individual requirements. For example, with regard to the workflow. In GAIN Collaboration it is the integrated workflow manager that lets you map, change and extend system processes. For example, when the integration of an ERP link is under discussion. Or the use of a job server for updating documents in the approval process. You can realize greater flexibility requirements with the workflow programming interface. We are happy to support you with our service.
The product data management system adapts to your needs. And not the other way around.

Discover your possibilities for process management & workflow.

Product data management software with many securities

Access security

Access to documents within the PDM software is only possible via the GAIN Collaboration System. At no time does a user have contact with files in the PDM archive. Even the preview of a document in GAIN Collaboration is not done on the archive document. For the filing and archiving of documents a high degree of security.

Encrypted file transfer

With GAIN Collaboration you can encrypt the transfer from the archive to the computer of a user (client). To do this, you store a security key (SSL key) in the GAIN Collaboration System. Only those who have this key can open and edit documents (files). No key – no access!
This lock-and-key principle also applies to data transfer from one location to another: If, for example, replication (data synchronization) is required between two or more locations.

Revision security

With GAIN Collaboration you have control over the documents managed in it. The existing rights system controls access to the documents.
Departments outside of design (for example purchasing or manufacturing) can be set up in GAIN Collaboration to only see approved documents. In this way, you rule out the possibility of incorrect statuses entering production.
Revision management automatically creates a copy when a document is revised (changed). At the same time, all stands in GAIN Collaboration will be lifted. In this way, you can track what has happened to a document at any time. A prerequisite for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Access management: PDM software that safeguards employee rights

Extensive options for user rights. For example, which products or documents may be worked with.

Data protection is the be-all and end-all. It is therefore important to adhere to a system of rules for employee access to individual documents of your products.
With its flexible rights system, GAIN Collaboration regulates access to documents from the status of a document through to departmental rights.
You can assign documents to specific departments to clearly separate business documents from design documents. When documents are opened for editing or viewing, they always go to the local workspace. The archive documents are never accessed. This is ensured by the check-in / check-out procedure.

Find out more about the intelligent access management of the GAIN Collaboration product data management software.

PDM interfaces & couplings: GAIN Collaboration is so easy to connect

GAIN Collaboration has an open system architecture. In addition to specific options for ERP PDM coupling, you can connect the system to external systems such as an ERP system or DMS program via its API (Application Programming Interface). Conversely, GAIN Collaboration can be accessed from other programs.
Designed in this way, you can integrate GAIN Collaboration seamlessly and cleanly into an existing PLM environment.
Modern PDM systems are flexible: With GAIN Collaboration you enjoy additional flexibility via the programming language C# (C-Sharp) using the .NET framework. This provides users with a wide range of additional options.

And: With the help of the JoinServer add-on module, you can connect external systems to GAIN Collaboration without any programming knowledge. In this way, you can quickly and easily enjoy permanent flexibility in the event of new systems.

Discover your freedom with deeply integrated PDM interfaces.

Power & performance: Fast, lightweight PDM solution

The powerful CAD PDM program combines several performance pluses under one roof.
GAIN Collaboration distributes various program tasks across several processors. At the same time, the product data management software uses fast and powerful databases.


GAIN Collaboration executes several processes simultaneously (multithreading). For example, a user can open a large 3D design for processing and initiate a copying process in the PDM system at the same time. Or perform a status change. Thanks to multithreading, other processes such as the e-mail or ERP system can be used independently and in parallel.

SQL database

It’s not just the performance of the hardware that matters. An important factor is the database in which all information is stored. GAIN Collaboration relies on the Microsoft SQL database for this purpose.

Data migration: how easy and secure can it be?

Through its migration module, GAIN Collaboration can ingest inventory data physically located in Windows Explorer. Both CAD and non-CAD documents.
Where possible, GAIN Collaboration reads information from the documents and transfers it to its database for later searching and retrieval.
GAIN Collaboration takes over the references (file structures) and parts lists from 3D documents, such as Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks documents.
Especially for the migration (takeover) of PSP environments to GAIN Collaboration we provide a migration program as a service. Your PSP data can be transferred 1:1.

Multilanguage: PDM for all languages

Dictionary in Unicode standard for global cooperation. Translations down to the user interface (dialog boxes, button labels, etc.). English dictionary included as standard.

GAIN Collaboration is Unicode-enabled. You can use the PDM solution worldwide. The GAIN Collaboration Server also provides a dictionary with which you can translate (localize) terms. This allows you to use GAIN Collaboration across national borders. With regard to replication to sites in other countries, this is of great importance. Learn more about project-oriented collaboration in the PDM system.

Successful PDM introduction

Individual PDM systems offer different approaches to PDM implementation.
The installation of the GAIN Collaboration System is practice-oriented. The system is configured in advance according to your wishes and only then implemented (set up).

Learn more about the successful PDM implementation of GAIN Collaboration.

User orientation: productivity first

GAIN Collaboration gets you ahead quickly and easily. Even getting started with the PDM system is easy. The interfaces are clear, its adaptability to users and companies exemplary.

Unencrypted: The GAIN Collaboration Archive

Most PDM systems cryptically encrypt file locations and files. And so need separate file managers. The GAIN Collaboration Product Data Management Software, on the other hand, is based on a transparent file storage system.
The archive is the normal Windows Explorer. Directories and files are not renamed. The GAIN Collaboration Archive is therefore neither visible nor accessible to outsiders.

You can find more details about the GAIN Collaboration Archive here.

Technology: PDM software that thinks about tomorrow

For long-term investment security, GAIN Collaboration is based on innovative and expandable technology.

  • Client / Server Architecture
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • C-Sharp (C#)
  • WPF/WCF technology
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Multithreading
  • Update flexibility
  • Releases without configuration changes

More details on the technology.

PLM: Illuminate your product life cycle

With GAIN Collaboration you are well prepared. It is the simple operation and the flexibility of the interfaces that make this PDM system so expandable.

Here you will find more information about PDM or PLM.

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