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Product Data Management

How do you use your PDM flexibility?

GAIN Collaboration:
Freedom in product data management. And a lot of PLM.

GAIN Collaboration is the cross-department platform for all your products’ information and their origination processes. You experience daily increases in productivity, secure a high degree of quality throughout the entire organization’s functions, and save valuable time and resources.
GAIN Collaboration increases your enjoyment of your work and clears your path to a comprehensive product life cycle management (PLM) system.

Simple PDM:

  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Secure, fast data adoption and migration
  • Tidy, easily understandable user interface
  • Import with drag-and-drop
  • Customized file and project structure
  • System configuration for the graphical interface
  • Deep CAD, CAM, and MS Office integration
  • Free classification systems
  • Short mouse paths
  • Convenient, intuitive work
  • Graphically supported database adjustment
  • Graphical configuration menu

Simply flexible:

  • Editor for individual workflow specifications
  • Adaptable user interface
  • Configurable number generator
  • Adjustable statuses, guidelines, and much more
  • Customized coupling to other systems (such as ERP, thanks to flexible API)
  • Unicode and dictionary allow multiple languages
  • API allows integration of individual functions

Simply secure:

  • Modern, forward-looking, proven technology basis for safe investment
  • Open, Windows-compliant, and still has an untraceable archive
  • Archive can be accessed in the event of system or network failure even without GAIN Collaboration (for administrators)
  • Adaptable access and authorization management
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Revision management in accordance with DIN EN 9001

Everything is under control:
GAIN Collaboration’s support is really convenient

Convenient product data management

GAIN Collaboration administers product data (such as documents and material characteristics like coating or weight), article information (such as bills of material and functional characteristics), information about the origination process of documents, and files that accompany the product such as graphics, product descriptions, maintenance schedules, and electrical plans.

Your capabilities and features:
Article master data maintenance • Classification systems and lists of functional characteristics • Bills of material • Cross-references • Change management • Revision management • Control of release processes • Description catalogue • Preview/visualization • Storage/archive • Neutral formats • History entry • Status management/Release management

Access management: Secure and overarching

GAIN Collaboration allows you to manage secure document access across departments or locations. Individual access privileges allow you to protect your data from inadvertent or unauthorized access.

Your capabilities and features:
Check-in/check-out • User privileges: Groups and rules • Encrypted data transfer • Global, secure access

Find documents and maintain a good overview

GAIN Collaboration allows you to quickly and easily find the document that you need. You are supported by powerful filtering and search functions.

Your capabilities and features:
Search mask is also input mask • Search according to various parameters • Numerous special search capabilities • Storable search specifications • Transferable search folder

Automatically more productive

Save time and increase your productivity even more by automating routine tasks.

Your capabilities and features:
Generation of neutral formats • Document updating • Configurable print versions of documents

Fantastic adjustability

GAIN Collaboration is extremely adaptable. You can quickly and easily configure it as you desire using graphical tools and easily understandable dialogue screens. All adaptations remain even after updates.

Your capabilities and features:
Customized user interface • Flexible number generator • Adaptable guidelines • Adjustable interfaces • Definable System settings • Change management • Graphical data base editor • Flexible characteristic comparison • Adaptable process sequences • Guidelines for document creation • Status transitions definable

Flexible workflow management

Using action-dependent status and privilege release, you control the release of documents entirely according to your company standards.
GAIN Collaboration adapts completely to your company’s requirements and processes.

Your capabilities and features:
Status management • Configurable authorization management • Workflow editor capable of individual adjustment

Project-oriented cooperation

GAIN Collaboration makes project-oriented cooperation simple, quick, and easy to follow. Organize your workspace to fit your project and exchange information with team members quickly and simply.

Your capabilities and features:
Directory: private, public, and/or according to projects • Interdepartmental cooperation • Quick messaging • Quick provision of documents • Cross-location cooperation • Multi-language cooperation • Adaptable project structure

Your connection to the future: The GAIN Collaboration interfaces

CAD interfaces

GAIN Collaboration allows you to use various CAD systems at the same time. GAIN Collaboration is open to AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, BRICSCAD, ZWCAD, and more. Many PDM functions are available to you directly in your CAD application through an integrated GAIN Collaboration menu.

CAM interfaces

Comprehensive integration in the area of CAM: CAM users can work in their environment as usual and still enjoy all the advantages of the GAIN Collaboration system. Interfaces to InventorCAM and SolidCAM offer, among other things, automated collection of project information, references, and NC data.

API programming interface

Open to PLM: GAIN Collaboration’s programming interface (API) based on C-Sharp (C#) allows you to access existing systems and trigger actions. For instance, you can connect your PDM with your document management system (DMS) or ERP system. In addition, you can integrate individual workflows through the API.

ERP programming interfaces

GAIN Collaboration offers many capabilities for coupling with an ERP system. It opens a range of possibilities to you, from standardized transfer of articles in Excel or XML format to transfer of complex bills of material to complex workflow-oriented transfer through data set exchange tables allowing attribute comparison.

Microsoft Office interface

MS Office documents integrated into GAIN Collaboration make you quicker and more productive and give you a better overview of such information as the allocation of Office documents to projects and your personal directory structure.

Microsoft Outlook interface

In addition to your own integrated quick messaging service, you receive the capability of managing MS Outlook e-mails, e-mail attachments, and contacts directly in GAIN Collaboration.

GAIN Collaboration variants


GAIN Collaboration
GAIN Collaboration
GAIN Collaboration
View documents checkbox checkbox checkbox
Output reports checkbox checkbox checkbox
Export functions for data exchange checkbox checkbox checkbox
Creating, editing, and managing of MS Office documents and e-mails checkbox checkbox
Managing of NON-CAD documents checkbox checkbox
Status administration checkbox checkbox
Copying and revising of MS Office documents checkbox checkbox
Job server checkbox checkbox checkbox
Creating, editing, and managing of CAD documents checkbox
Copying and revising of CAD documents checkbox
Importing and exporting of CAD documents checkbox
Location replication ¹
checkbox checkbox
Integration and use of proprietary workflow functions checkbox checkbox checkbox
ERP coupling ²
checkbox checkbox
¹ Expansion module ² Customizing required

GAIN services


What are your PDM goals? We would be happy to present the GAIN Collaboration solution that fits your company and multiplies the productivity of your employees to you.

Implementation / Installation

GAIN Collaboration can be implemented relatively quickly.
First, we coordinate all relevant basic data with you. And even before GAIN Collaboration is installed on your computers, it will have already passed important test runs involving your concrete PDM specifications.

Data ad option

Our specialists’ many years of experience, GAIN Collaboration’s flexibility, and its non-cryptic data storage structure ensure that your inventory data will be adopted quickly and correctly.

Special solutions

GAIN Collaboration is designed to be very adaptable.
If even more flexibility is required, the GAIN Software experts and system partners will be happy to support you.


GAIN Collaboration has always been strongly oriented on user behaviour.
Most of its functions can be executed intuitively. User training takes a single day, and administrator training only two.


GAIN Software is happy to provide you with support in any questions you may have about anything regarding GAIN Collaboration, its supplemental modules, or its interfaces. You can contact us by telephone or through remote maintenance or arrange an on-site visit.

Light up PLM with GAIN Collaboration

How you can use GAIN Collaboration to light up your product’s life cycle

An overarching PLM concept allows you to analyse your products’ market trends and influence their further development. PLM can answer many questions about the life of a product.

  • How high are the development costs?
  • How long does production take?
  • What turnover has been achieved so far?
  • When did the sales costs rise?
  • What material is the new replacement part made of?
  • What material varieties are there?

Many of these questions can be answered in the areas of construction, development, manufacturing or electronics. All this product information are combined in a single application in GAIN Collaboration.

Shed light on your product life cycle

The introduction of GAIN Collaboration as a product data management system (PDM) is your first significant step in the direction of PLM: You combine product data from MCAD, ECAD, FEM, and CAM in a single application, thus allowing it to be efficiently managed and analysed.
Because PDM provides support from product conception to sales, this is where the greatest added value in the product’s life cycle is to be found, particularly for small and mid-sized companies.

Well prepared for a future with PLM

GAIN Collaboration equips you very well to fulfil your desires for the future. The PDM system offers all interfaces for integrating other PLM-relevant system areas such as merchandise management, customer relationship management systems (CRM) and manufacturing control (CAM).

PLM and its utility

Each product has a life cycle: development, growth, maturity, and decline or discontinuation. This life cycle is influenced by many factors, such as development costs, manufacturing or assembly effort, customer satisfaction, and sales numbers.
The goal of all good product policy is to achieve a service life that is as long and successful as possible. If PLM concepts are to be effective, they must be generally appreciated at management level and must permeate the entire business.

PDM and its utility

A product data management (PDM) system administers all data collected throughout the life cycle of a product and its origination process, providing it to relevant parties throughout the company.
PDM, properly set up and implemented, increases productivity during product origination, manufacture and construction.
The goal of PDM is to minimize the costs and time required for product development while increasing product development quality.
Product data management, previously also known as engineering data management (EDM) is the foundation of the product life cycle.